TEE AI Essential

Great computing power with a small body, high efficiency and low exhaustion, all of these shows great high-tech charm

Insert USB means making money automatically, which is fast and easy; our AI chip is of high performance with low cost. Contribute AI training to the world and make your AI more "smart"

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Clever and smart for great use

Great computing power with a small body, high efficiency and low exhaustion, all of these shows great high-tech charm

The fingertip U disk is small in size, but has nearly three trillion calculations per second. By adopting the revolutionary and innovative APiM architecture for the integration of memory and computation, it really realized the ultra-high-performance of earning while computing. In respect to such a high-performance technology, only with ultra-low power consumption can we achieve normal operation. In working condition, 9 trillion times of ultra-strong computing per watt can be realized.

Reliable data protection scheme

AI intelligence is trustworthy, portable and brings easy money

The decentralized intelligent contract can achieve the physical separation of data provider and data trainer, and protect the data privacy and security of data provider. Distributed training data realizes super powerful AI computing power. Directly communicate with mobile devices through the USB port, the most convenient operation can really make a lot of money anytime in anywhere.

More functions of TEE AI Essential

Smart contract on the chain, protect your data secret directly from the source, there is no need to worry about your privacy. All you need is a mobile device, the software "insert the silver part before the golden part" will be installed automatically. With simple operation can you computing the data and making money any time in anywhere, which really realizes earning while working.

Easy to operate, insert and all done

All you need is a mobile device, the TEE AI is easy to operate, all you have to do is to insert, then the software will provide super computing power for you at any time in anywhere, so that you can make money easily anytime in anywhere, and being a hands-off boss.

Parallel computation realizes multiple extensions

The TEE AI Essential can realize many parallel computations to form a cross-net of computation. All of these will make it easy for you to have the power to compete just like the power of a mine.

Secret and efficient, the computing never stops

Whether you're in a meeting or leaving for a while, the TEE AI Essential will quietly continue to operate to ensure its computing power.

Mobile edge computation

Wireless access network can be used to provide services and cloud computing functions for nearby telecommunication users in IT works, which creates a telecommunication-level service environment with high performance, low latency and high bandwidth.

BIntelligent monitoring

TEE AI integrates intelligent behavior recognition algorithm, which can identify and judge the behavior of people or vehicles in the scene and generate alarming to remind users under appropriate conditions.

Intelligent toy & robot

Nowadays, intelligent devices almost cover a large part of our lives, including children's toys or robots, we can say, AI algorithms have unique advantages in this field.

Intelligent home

Taking the housing as the platform, using the comprehensive wiring, network communication and other technical means, to build a set of efficient residential facilities management scheme, it can enhance the security, convenience, comfort, etc.

Voice / voiceprint recognition

Voice recognition technology makes our dream come true. Voice recognition is like a "machine's auditory system", which allows the machine to convert voice signals into corresponding text or commands through recognition and understanding.

Cloud in-depth learning system

Its multi-layer perceptron is an in-depth learning structure. The in-depth learning realizes more abstract high-level representation attribute categories or features by combining low level features to discover distributed feature representation of data.

Facial detection and recognition

Facial recognition is the latest application of biometric recognition. The realization of its core technology shows the transformation of artificial intelligence from weak to strong. This technology is a frontier area that integrates artificial intelligence, machine recognition, model theory, and other technologies.

Natural language processing

It is not a general study of natural language, but the computer system that can effectively achieve natural language communication, especially the software system.

Artificial intelligence data center server

The great variety and quantity of network applications have led to massive data, the rise of artificial intelligence has brought high-density computing, which call for more and higher requirements for the data center as an Internet infrastructure.